About Me

I’m Shelly Redfern. I started out reviewing books at Goodreads, then I created a blog to post reviews of books, write about mental illness, movies, and a few other interests. This is the next phase of my writing adventure: a blog to post my creative pieces. As I am still a work in progress, so is this site. Thank you for joining me (or at least for reading this).

I have a short poetry collection published as Shelly Mersinger that is available for free at Smashwords called “Heart Full of Skeletons.”

I am working on a vampire book, a memoir, and a collection of stories about Morpheus, the God of Dreams. Most of his stories will come from a group project at inthepantheon.com where writers voice Greek Gods and tell their adventures.

My Twitter handle is @msshellywrites.

I am a single mother (and cat mom) with depression. I am an LGBTQIA and mental illness ally. I’m a liberal and partial to the Simulation Theory.

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