A Few of My Things (by Morpheus)

I have been asked by my scribe to share a few things about myself. Some of the people I know on Twitter might already know these things. But, they will be new to some people. First up is the dog I adopted from Amphitrite when she returned to Atlantis for private family reasons. She is a delight and a good friend (I meant the dog, but feel the same way about Amphitrite).

Next up are my pet bats, Kat and Killjoy. They flew in my window one night, probably lost. The floors of my home are mossy to resemble the caves in the underworld. I suppose they liked it because they have never left. Sometimes they fly out to hunt for insects, but they always return. They are greater horseshoe bats.

I also wanted to share the ruby ring I created. This ring is magical and teleports another person into the dream land. My realm. If I am wearing the ring, all I have to do is touch the person, and they travel with me.

I have a dagger forged by Hephaestus. This dagger incapacitates anyone that is stabbed with it. It is not necessarily designed to kill, but will. If you are impaled in the heart, game over. But that is the same with any mortal weapon. However, if I deliver a nonfatal jab with this blade, the tiniest prick, you will be immobilized, whether human or immortal. I will tell its origin story sometime.

That is all for now, mortals. Stay tuned for more of my adventures. It is a new beginning, so get ready for more magic, more paranormal creatures, and a dash of romance.

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