Soapbox Edition #1 – Covid

I’ve started focusing my blog a bit differently and adding a section for rants and venting. This is the first one, and it might be controversial. I am not trying to be controversial – I do not enjoy that kind of attention. But I have a right to voice my views and speak from my own platform and space. I have no influence and no followers that would alter their lives based on anything I say. So, that being said, I’d like to open up about my views on COVID-19.

I’m Not Afraid of COVID

I’m not scared of getting COVID-19. It does not frighten me. I could go into large crowds or be around anyone without a mask and be just fine.

I personally think the media, the World Health Organization, politicians, etc. are blowing it out of proportion. According to the CDC, the death rate is 3.4 (Source). This virus has an extremely good recovery rate!

COVID-19 mortality is higher in persons with underlying medical conditions and in those aged ≥85 years (Source). Covid is much more dangerous when you have a compromised immune system.

Viral Load

People don’t talk about viral load a lot. We ALL have some level of viruses, bacteria, toxins, metals, germs, etc. inside of us. Normally, our bodies process and excrete them perfectly. When our viral load is breached, we get sick! I think that is why so many test positive who are asymptomatic. It’s because we all have some level inside of us at all times. We just don’t usually get sick.

And why doesn’t mainstream medicine and science push therapeutic methods to improve your immune system? Probably because there’s no money in it. Exercising, getting good sleep, eating healthy, eliminating stressors, washing your hands – not quite as lucrative as vaccines and pharmaceudicals.

Impending Vaccine

The COVID vaccine. Well, I don’t want it. I want the choice to get it or not. I don’t want to be bullied by Bill Gates or even my peers into taking the shot because of all the fear-mongering. Is this vaccine going to be well-tested? It doesn’t seem like it. It seems like it’s being rushed through.

And did you know this is a new type of vaccine that uses genetic engineering and is gene-based, rather than the conventional vaccines that injected weakened pieces of viruses? Vaccines also contain adjuvants, which are used to create a stronger immune response and include toxins such as aluminum and formaldehyde. For the record, I vaccinated my daughter and am not anti-vaccines. I am anti the CDC-recommended schedule. You will never convince me it is healthy to inject a tiny baby with multiple vaccines at once. Never!

Gene-based vaccines have a blueprint of DNA or RNA, and when injected into humans, give cells instructions to make virus antigens the body will respond to (Source). The problem is, this whole thing is still in the experimental phases! I do not want to be a guinea pig for a virus with a 3.4% death rate.

Bill Gates is not a Doctor

Why are we taking expert advice from a software developer?! Tedros Adhanom, the director of WHO, is NOT a doctor. Society, as a whole, is allowing engineers, investors, billionaires, advisors, etc. to create medical policy that reshapes our way of life. Is this only alarming to me?

Do you want to have to carry your “papers” (a vaccine card) in order to renew your driver’s license, fly on an airplane, get on the subway? Would you accept a microchip inside you to earn the freedom to travel in society freely? You think this sounds crazy and would never happen? Sure… let’s talk again in a few years.

Think About the Children

Are kids going back to school in the fall? I hope so! I want my child to be in school, with her peers, learning social skills, and developing important skills you can not learn in a room at home. Sorry. Kids need to SEE faces, facial expressions, hear voices, see body language, read gestures. They can’t learn this in front of a computer.

I know for a fact, no matter how much time I spend with my kid, she does not learn as much as she would being taught by a professional. Sure, some subjects and assignments can be done through distance learning (think about that – DISTANCE, yeah, it’s true), but not everything.

I took many courses online in college and I did well, but there was still something missing when I wasn’t in a classroom with other students, watching a teacher talk, and being able to ask questions real time.

Wrap Up

This blog might lose me followers on Twitter. It might lose me friends on Facebook, or even cause real life family and friends to wonder if I’m a “conspiracy theorist” or lost a few marbles. *shrug*

I have to ask questions. There are too many things that don’t add up about all this. I think there are ulterior motives. It’s not just about a virus and a vaccine. It’s about re-shaping society. I don’t think things will ever go back to “normal.” I think life, as we knew it, has irrevocably changed. That is what scares me – not COVID.

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