To Follow or Not to Follow?

Do you always follow people back? Do you have methods for choosing to follow a person? I’ve gone through phases over the years and my current approach is much more laidback.


A common method of vetting users is to read their bio. Do you share any common interests? Do you always follow back creatives or members of certain communities?

The communities I see a lot at Twitter and tend to notice are the #WritingCommunity, #HorrorCommunity, #Bookbloggers, and #PoetryCommunity.

I will also sometimes check the person’s profile feed. Do they post original content or is it almost 100% retweets? Do they tweet often?

On my profile page, you will see #vss365 poetry and stories. I post about music and film and TV sometimes. I post about depression and pictures of my cats.


I find it’s difficult to find fandoms on Twitter. Or, to find fandoms that interact or aren’t without huge age gaps. I’m “Mom” age, but I still like Supernatural, Marvel, DC, The Umbrella Academy, Runaways, Teen Titans, Stranger Things, and many others. I love Lady Gaga. Finding “mutuals” and connecting is harder than you might think.


Some people won’t follow if the other person is following more than follow them. I have grown wary of the opposite, actually. I won’t bother following someone that has tons of followers, but follows very few. I don’t even follow celebrities!


I find lists to be helpful. I have one for celebrities and singers and public figures I find interesting, but don’t follow. This way, they are gathered together and I can browse. I also have one for writers so I can keep track of people who interact with me since the feed can get chaotic.

Advice of Others

I recently saw a long tweet from a writer where he advised against #writerslift and follow for follow. He said most were ghost followers and your tweets wouldn’t appear in their feeds or get seen. The advice was to trim down your follower list.

I took this advice and regretted it. I unfollowed some people I didn’t recognize, but I should have! You might alienate people by a massive culling. I decided none of that mattered and now I follow who I want.

I also was unfollowed by a couple people I interacted with and really liked! When I went to check their profile, I saw they had MASSIVELY unfollowed hundreds of people and now followed a fraction of what they were. It was disappointing, but it’s just the internet. You shrug and move on.

Final Words

Social media can be helpful, but it’s not something that should control you or ruin your day. It’s a tool and way of socializing with like-minded people. I’ve learned a lot and I’ve read a lot of garbage. Use it but be careful not to let it control your moods.

I’ve gotten upset before and it’s not worth it! Follow who you want. Oh, and please don’t creep into anyone’s messages with porn and pickup lines.

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