What I Think About All These Added Vitamins to Our Food

It’s my view that we are going to seriously regret this stage in human evolution when we started adding all this stuff to our food and beverages. If you already eat fruits and vegetables, you DO NOT NEED added potassium and phosphorus. Read the ingredients label. Almost EVERYTHING has added potassium or phosphates.

Potassium phosphate
Phosphate Additives in Food—a Health Risk

If we don’t have kidney issues, then we probably aren’t at risk, however, we can have kidney damage and not even recognize symptoms until reaching Stage 3 of kidney disease! Why are we adding all this crap? Plus, we’re getting EVEN MORE added to our systems when we take vitamin supplements. Our kidneys will filter most of the overflow out in our urine. They say Americans have the most expensive pee in the world. But, some of it is stored in the body (like fat) and can cause liver damage.

When our kidneys can’t handle the overload, we can experience symptoms of OTHER things like Hyperkalemia! That can lead to heart attack and death. I wonder how many heart attacks are actually from too much potassium and kidney disease?

I think this is a huge issue that modern medicine and science should look at. We could be killing people because of ignorance! All these athletes pushing supplements…the average human does NOT exercise or sweat enough to need to replenish MINERALS and vitamins! Unless there are SPECIAL requirements, if we eat fruits and vegetables, get protein and calcium from whole foods, we don’t need ANYTHING added! If all we eat are canned soups, packaged food, frozen dinners, and fast food, we need a lot more than added minerals!

So many of the symptoms we experience – depression, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, etc., could very well be from all this crap that is added! Some of the symptoms of too much potassium are common, like feeling tired, weak, and nauseous, muscle cramps, heart palpitations, chest pain, trouble breathing. This could be from all the added potassium, plus a daily vitamin, plus drinking a lot of orange juice and eating lots of bananas and tomatoes!

Nobody talks about this. It’s bewildering. When we go in for a checkup or physical, doctors should be talking to their patients about this! Hey look, I’m no professional, but from now on, I’m going to specifically ask about getting my vitamin and mineral levels checked when I get blood work done. I’m going to ask specifically for protein levels (albumin) to be checked and that I am concerned about possible kidney damage. If my doctor asks why, I’ll say from everything I consume! Alcohol, medication, vitamins, all the added stuff in food and drinks, etc.! They even add minerals (electrolytes) to water now! The average person DOES NOT NEED added electrolytes in ANY FOOD OR BEVERAGE!

All these health gurus advising these things are WACKOS! Dangerous!

The bottom line is, watch the fried food and desert intake. Watch the canned and frozen dinner sodium levels. Eat vegetables and fruits. Don’t eat cheeseburgers, fries, and pizza all the time! Stop drinking dark sodas (and diet sodas are horrible). All of these things are literally destroying our kidneys if left unchecked.

If you are suicidal and just don’t care about your body, trust me, dying by kidney and liver disease is not the way to go. It’s SLOW. We’re stuck here, for better or worse, until it’s our time. So we might as well try and live the best life possible.

Image by geralt at Pixabay

(And none of the above even adds the possible (logical to me) link of how all these added synthetic vitamins and minerals could be adversely affecting our immune systems and making us more susceptible to illness and OTHER health issues. The cumulative effect of all these things going on with our food and beverages, plus add to the list – pesticides, artificial sweeteners, has got to be unbelievable. We act as though we can just funnel into our bodies whatever we want with absolutely zero consequences.)

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