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My name is Michelle (or Shelly). Everything you will currently find on this blog I wrote before my spiritual awakening that started in March 2021. Truthfully, it has been occurring since 2006 in small bits and pieces. I forgot and my path took another direction after I became a mother. Twelve years later, I received The Big One. I love God and Christ and am finding my own personal path Home.

I do not ascribe to any religion, but I favor early Christianity, pre 200 A.D. Early Christianity, before Irenaeus, Constantine, and The First Council of Nicene perverted Jesus’ version, which is a personal and individual path to eternal life that comes from the intuitive heart, to the dry well of Christianity controlled by priests, rules, sin, dead church buildings, bishops, and deacons.

I am researching the Gnostic gospels, the Nag Hammadi, Dead Sea Scrolls, and Valentinianism. I do not think all of any religion is the one truth and I take what my soul resonates with and move along, seeking more knowledge. I talk to God and Christ (pray) every day. But my personal views do not reconcile with traditional Christianity.

I am writing everything I was shown now and will try to make sense of it, sharing some on this blog. If you have had an awakening, feel free to reach out. I would enjoy exchanging our experiences. It appears many of us are scattered and keep a low profile (understandably). My email is michelleteemswriter@gmail.com

The authors I currently read and resonate with are David Icke, Elaine Pagels (writes from a scholarly viewpoint), Jacquelyn Small (spiritual viewpoint), Simcha Jacobovici (scholarly viewpoint), G.R.S. Mead (Gnostic writer), and Marvin Meyer (scholar).

I am on a sort of hiatus now as I process everything that happened and plan a way forward. I love to write, and I love the unknown, and learning about the soul and our eternal afterlife. Christ is unconditional love. Jesus showed us the path to true redemption, which is not based on sin, but our connection to God that we individually find.

If you are interested in the rest of this section as I wrote it before my awakening, read on. I understand now why I have always been drawn to heroes and myths and the supernatural.

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Welcome. My name is Michelle, and I am an author. I love mashing up genres like paranormal and science fiction, then mixing in some magic, romance, and obscure (or famous) legends and mythology. I call them Mythic Mashups™.

I am an offbeat, but ordinary, middle-aged single mom. I’m also an Army veteran and a cat mom. I used to read over a hundred books a year and reviewed books for another blog. Then, I started writing. Now, I read less. But, I love writing.

Here you will find poetry, flash fiction, the stories of the Greek God Morpheus, Robin Hood, Dracula, and other original work. I may also blog about music, mental illness, or whatever is on my mind.

I like kind people. I believe in encouraging and lifting others up instead of tearing them down. I am not interested in popularity contests or cliques. I believe that creativity and free speech should not be controlled or limited by committee or Twitter trends. The mainstream news, politics, and modern science is mostly complete hogwash and literal poison to the freethinker and spiritually-inclined.

I have long sought an online community of writers, movie and music lovers, readers, and like-minded people, but it’s difficult to find writing partners and people who want to invest in an idea with you. But I am part of the Sentinels writing project. It’s a large-scale fictional story about humans who end up with abilities and have to use them to save the world. There is a Discord server and a blog. That project starts in September 2021.

The boy goes into oblivion

I like a lot of 80s movies – The Fly, Fright Night, Weird Science, The Lost Boys, Silver Bullet, Uncle Buck, The Neverending Story, The Goonies, and The Princess Bride are a handful of my favorites. For more current movies, I love The Conjuring universe, Thor: Ragnarok, A Quiet Place, Kill Bill, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Django Unchained. There are many great television/cable shows I like as well – WestWorld, Stranger Things, Haunting of Hill House, Penny Dreadful, Dracula, and The Umbrella Academy. Some of my favorite actors are Tom Hardy, Eva Green, Johnny Depp, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Nicole Kidman, Vera Farmiga, Joaquin Phoenix, Gary Oldman, Sarah Paulson, Jim Carrey, and Cate Blanchett.

Besides film and television, music plays a huge role in my life. I have never liked popular music and tend to go for indie artists. I also love female vocalists. Some bands and singers I like are Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, Grimes, Drab Majesty, Chelsea Wolfe, TOOL, Puscifer, Goldfrapp, Lady Gaga, Tori Amos, Emma Ruth Rundle, and SRSQ.

My Twitter and Instagram handles are @shellraiservamp.

I’m a Christian and recently experienced a spiritual awakening where I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. I’m still working out the details of how that will influence my writing. I am considering writing a nonfiction book, and I want to retell Christian hagiographies. I am also fascinated by Christian mysticism and the Nag Hammadi library. I feel that part of Jesus’ message was lost (or more likely censored).

Domenico Tintoretto – The Penitent Magdalene

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